DM TRADING EUROPE GmbH company, thanks the international experience of its general manager, is a dynamic company, which through the capability of its team, deals with the design and production of ductile iron manhole covers and gratings. 

DM offers his own ductile iron manhole covers gratings series called Best Casting Collection, already appreciated by its customers, evolving it both to keep up with the current European regulation’s requirements, and to meet the market’s demand.  

DM is also able to develop and complete in short time, new projects following customer’s requirements and specifications, according to the EN124 and EN1433 standards.

The production, performed exclusively in ISO 9001 certified factories approved by third party certification Company ICMQ Spa, is constantly followed in all its steps by specialized and professional staff.

DM is not only production of iron castings. DM, with its own sales organization always ready to meet the new requirements, is constantly attentive to the opportunities offered by the international market, in particular regarding environmental friendly products and innovative construction or design solutions.

Our first goal is customer satisfaction.